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About Us

Our History

In 1974, a family of entrepreneurs saw a need in the business community. They responded by creating BlueGrass Mailing, Data & Fulfillment, a company providing secretarial services and processed various mailing projects for local businesses. As the needs of businesses evolved, BlueGrass grew to adopt new technology and develop sophisticated processes to serve clients.

We have continued to meet our client’s growing needs by adding crucial services, from physically processing mail to highly interactive digital campaigns. Now, over 45 years and a brand identity change later, Bluegrass Integrated Communications continues to serve clients with a growth and future mindset.

Our Mission

Client goals come first. We build our team to meet your needs.

Our team is over 100 members strong, and each person is truly committed to creating a partnership with our customers and providing exceptional end-to-end customer service. We always start a project by listening to our customers and what their needs and goals are. Our openness to change and eagerness to stay on top of the latest trends put us in a unique position to fill multiple needs for a single business all under one roof.

Our Future

We are just getting started.

We are proud of what we have built at Bluegrass Integrated Communications. After 45 years we feel this is only the beginning. The future holds much promise and exciting new areas to use our strengths. With the same leadership and commitment to excellence, we are looking forward to the promise of a future of success for both ourselves and our customers.

Our Team

Jessica Patton

Jessica Patton

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