Sandro Dias

Engineering and Maintenance

Building Engineer

Sandro Dias

Get to Know Sandro Dias

Who are 4 people in history you would invite to dinner?

Joan D'Arc, Che Guevarra, Rosa Parks, and Jesus

What is your favorite part of working at Bluegrass?

At first, I liked the flexibility of schedule (when my kids were little it helped a lot) then it became enjoyment of working in a fun place with cool people.

When people ask what you do, how do you respond?

I fix things people break.

What is an accomplishment you’re proud of?

By a coincidence of destiny, I had the opportunity to celebrate my birthday in four different Continents.

What is a little known fact about you?

I used to chew my finger nails, I did it for about 43 years then last year I decided to stop it, and I did.