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We make getting paid easier

All companies have an accounts receivable line in their ledger and generating incoming cash flow is the ultimate goal. One key to this is a more efficient way of processing bills, statements and invoices. At Bluegrass, our modern statement processing techniques do just that. These techniques reduce costs and may get you paid faster. Payment and invoice processing for large accounts can be completed in minutes versus days if done in-house.

This system cuts costs internally and frees up time and increases productivity in other areas of your business. Your statements are more professional-looking, too, so your customers may pay bills more quickly, settle accounts more accurately and are more satisfied with the communication.

The bottom line

Our combination of technology and IT services make Bluegrass Accounts Receivable services a unique solution for your business. The end result is reduced costs, better efficiency and higher accuracy.

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Billing Services

At the heart of our Lexington billing services is our billing and statement processing department where we print and mail thousands of statements and invoices for our customers every day.


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Invoice Processing

With 47 years of expertise, we have leveraged cutting-edge technology tools to reduce the time it takes to process invoices.


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Statement Processing

Bluegrass Accounts Receivable has proudly offered high-value statement processing for our clients for over 47 years.



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