Let's get tracking.

on Apr. 2 2021  

Your campaign is calling

on Mar. 12 2021  

A versatile, yet simple digital marketing tool

on Feb. 17 2021  

A marketing campaign's success lies in the prep and strategy work

on Feb. 10 2021  

Make your direct mail more appealing and earn discounts through USPS’s 2021 postage discount promo [...]

on Feb. 4 2021  

Make sure your artwork is print-ready

on Jan. 26 2021  

What makes integrated marketing so impactful?

on Jan. 6 2021  

Common pain points of direct mail: campaign longevity, engagement, and tracking.

on Jan. 6 2021  

Social Media is an Essential

on Dec. 21 2020  

Ecommerce growth doesn't have to come with growing pains

on Dec. 10 2020  

The mail does not run on postal holidays. Make sure you know when they are.

on Nov. 30 2020  

Letters: Why They’re an Effective Part of Your Direct Mail Strategy

on Nov. 16 2020  

Amplify by Bluegrass a marketing-based solution that is designed to seamlessly track the effectivene [...]

on Nov. 12 2020  

What's a self-mailer and why should my business market with them?

on Oct. 30 2020  

The differences in each mail piece type lead to unique strengths you can use to your campaign's adva [...]

on Oct. 21 2020  

Making the most of your mailing with a focus on design

on Oct. 12 2020  

Steps to Direct Mail Success

on Oct. 6 2020  

Make your home page work for you.

on Sep. 30 2020  

A website is the go-to for information on your business

on Sep. 21 2020  

At Bluegrass, the future is sunny and bee-bright

on Sep. 10 2020  

Learn how to choose the most suitable typeface and font style for your brand.

on Aug. 31 2020  

Non-Profits Need to Speak Out & Reach Out

on Aug. 24 2020  

What are your fulfillment processes?

on Aug. 17 2020  

Raise money for specific needs now and for year-end gifts in the coming months.

on Aug. 7 2020  

A lot goes into new websites, here are a few things to remember

on Jul. 23 2020  

Informed Delivery by USPS: Making Mail Interactive

on Jul. 13 2020  

Why You Need to Be Planning Your Marketing Ahead of Time

on Jul. 6 2020  

A Make or Break Situation

on Jun. 22 2020  

Earn a Postage Discount with the USPS Mobile Shopping Promotion

on Jun. 15 2020  

Local businesses need listings

on Jun. 8 2020  

9 ways to improve your billing process and get more people to pay invoices on time

on Jun. 1 2020  

There’s no magic formula, no one way to write an effective fundraising letter, but there are princ [...]

on May. 26 2020  

Adding Color to Your Direct Mail Transpromo; Is it Worth it?

on May. 15 2020  

Direct, Distinct, & Innovative: Why Mail is Still Essential to Marketing

on May. 11 2020  

Image Optimization for print vs web

on May. 4 2020  

Charts and graphs add visual interest and valuable information to utility company invoices

on Apr. 27 2020  

Direct mail can deliver when nonprofits need to raise money

on Apr. 21 2020  

USPS Presort - what is it?

on Apr. 14 2020  

We Can Make Your Mail Campaign a Multisensory Experience

on Apr. 7 2020  

Organic posts, boosted posts, ads...what's the difference?

on Apr. 2 2020  

Bulk mail saves bucks; hiring a third-party to do it saves money and time

on Mar. 30 2020  

Our response to the national pandemic.

on Mar. 20 2020  

Let Us Take Care of Your Business’s Earned Value Promotion at USPS

on Mar. 20 2020  

Want to get elected? Rev up your campaign with a variety of marketing tools

on Mar. 19 2020  

Make the most of your mailings while saving

on Mar. 16 2020  

We've joined a global initiative

on Mar. 9 2020  

By partnering with a third-party logistics company (3PL) like Bluegrass, ecommerce startups can grow [...]

on Mar. 5 2020  

Data: the building blocks of marketing

on Mar. 2 2020  

These 7 marketing myths can undermine your business’s success

on Feb. 26 2020  

Don't leave people in the dust - make your website accessible

on Feb. 24 2020  

Running for office? Make sure you're set on social.

on Feb. 17 2020  

With warm and friendly messages, invoices become an engaging voice

on Feb. 13 2020  

Get a jumpstart on campaign season by building your political brand

on Feb. 9 2020  

Warm donors' hearts with messages of love on Valentine's day

on Feb. 6 2020  

Want to hit the right audience with your direct mail? Rent a targeted mailing list.

on Feb. 3 2020  

We may be Bluegrass, but we're going green

on Jan. 30 2020  

DIY fulfillment may not be the best move, here's why

on Jan. 27 2020  

You've got mail

on Jan. 21 2020  

Choosing a paper is one of the first steps you take in your print marketing project

on Jan. 13 2020  

Are you in the B2B market? Look to a business mailing list.

on Jan. 8 2020  

Looking back on 45 years of Bluegrass

on Dec. 31 2019  

The mail does not run on postal holidays. Make sure you know when they are.

on Dec. 26 2019  

6 ways to enhance About Us pages A major marketing tool

on Dec. 16 2019  

Here’s a resolution for 2020: Make 3 changes to raise more funds for your charitable organization

on Dec. 6 2019  

Your website is your storefront online, be sure your site is optimized for search

on Nov. 27 2019  

QA/QC: What is it, and how can I make sure my providers have this in place?

on Nov. 13 2019  

Getting to know print, guidelines to live by

on Nov. 5 2019  

Nonprofits need a continuous flow of new donors. Invest time and money to find them.

on Oct. 30 2019  

No surprise, shipping costs will go up in 2020.

on Oct. 23 2019  

The holidays are a jolly good time for direct mail marketing.

on Oct. 15 2019  

Carve out time at year end’s to improve your invoice and bring in more payments

on Oct. 8 2019  

Social Media: The Sidewalks of ECommerce

on Oct. 2 2019  

Be a good steward of donors by using a variety of communication tools to build deeper relationships [...]

on Sep. 25 2019  

Get ready now for the 2019 holidays by preparing to get shipments out fast

on Sep. 18 2019  

3 ways to make your direct mailing list far more effective

on Sep. 10 2019  

Want to achieve your best Black Friday/Cyber Monday ever? Use these 8 questions to guide your market [...]

on Aug. 27 2019  

Quick, economical postcards give political candidates an edge when they need to make fast responses [...]

on Aug. 20 2019  

Get your fulfillment plan ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the year’s biggest shopping day [...]

on Aug. 13 2019