2021 USPS Postal Holidays When the Mail Does Not Go Through

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The mail does not run on postal holidays. Make sure you know when they are.

2021 USPS Postal Holidays

Planning to send out a mailing campaign? It’s a good idea to pull out the calendar and make note of the U.S. Postal Service’s 10 holidays for the year while you’re planning. Your mailing piece, if time-sensitive, could be greatly impacted by even one day without mail delivery.

The 2021 USPS postal holidays are:

  • Friday, January 1 (New Years Day)
  • Monday, January 18 (Martin Luther King Jr. Day)
  • Monday, February 15 (President’s Day)
  • Monday, May 31 (Memorial Day)
  • Monday, July 5 (observed Independence Day*)
  • Monday, September 6 (Labor Day)
  • Monday, October 11 (Columbus Day)
  • Thursday, November 11 (Veterans Day)
  • Thursday, November 25 (Thanksgiving Day)
  • Friday, December 24 (observed Christmas Day)

We all remember that there’s no mail delivery on the big holidays–New Year’s, Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas–but it’s holidays like Martin Luther King Day, Washington’s Birthday, Columbus Day and Veteran’s Day that sometimes catch us off guard, especially when they fall on a weekend and get moved to a Friday or a Monday.

There is a heavy load of postal holidays at the beginning and end of the year, which can compound delays in mail delivery. Churches promote Easter services early in the year, while accounting firms promoting tax preparation services take the effects of Martin Luther King Day and Presidents Day into consideration for their marketing. During their end of the year appeals, nonprofits have to factor in Veterans Day and Thanksgiving as they plan to send fundraising letters.

Depending on your business, it may make sense to make note of these dates for promotions. Perhaps you will send out a Labor Day Sale postcard for your retail or e-commerce store. Or maybe you will send a personalized invitation to retired and active military personnel on Veterans or Memorial days.

Need to get out your direct mail campaign before the postal holiday? Let’s talk about it.


John Young

Vice President of Business Development

November 30, 2020

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