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As you launch your blog, remember that blogging is not a sprint or even a marathon.

It is part of the business of doing business. Like answering a sales call or sending an email, producing blog posts is part of the job. Before you blog, or if you are struggling to start blogging, here are a few pointers.


Stockpile your blogs and your blog ideas. Before you launch a blog, have at least a month’s worth written. Before your first month’s blogs have been posted, start working on next month’s. Do not try to write them week to week — that’s how blogs dry up and disappear.

Often, when you start writing about a topic, you discover that you have a lot to say. Say too much, and you might lose your readers. Better to break those long entries into two to three blog posts. Before you know it, you have hit your four to eight blog-per-month target.

The same goes for ideas. Keep an idea folder on your computer or smart phone. When you read an article that would be of value to your clients, write a blog about why it is an important story and include a link to it. When you field questions from clients, make note of what they are asking. Other clients wonder the same things, and your blog is a perfect place to answer their questions.


Don’t expect readers to come to your web site to find your blog. You must fire it out to the world, using all of the streams that social media provides. If your company has a Facebook page, post it there. Tweet the link on Twitter. Post to LinkedIn and Instagram if that’s how you engage with customers. Be sure to also post on Google+ to help with authorship. If your content has value to readers, they will like it, share it and comment on it and your reputation as an authority will expand.


Make a commitment to blog a specific number of times per week or month. If you are starting out, I recommend keeping it in the four to eight blog-per-month range. Remember, in order to be viewed as an authority through programs like Google Authorship, you have to blog frequently and you have to provide quality content.

November 3, 2014

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