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Learn how to combine Direct Mail with online business tools such as website landing pages, social marketing outreach, and email campaigns.

Synergy. Multiplier effect. One plus one plus one equals five. It’s a powerful concept that can accelerate your business. Combine Direct Mail, the stalwart of customer prospecting, with the reach and focus of online business tools such as email, website landing pages and social marketing outreach and you can achieve an impact level that far exceeds any one of these techniques alone.

Here’s why.

Each business prospecting tool builds on the other. Imagine the following scenario that takes place from a well executed marketing campaign. A customer prospect comes home from work and sees a colorful mail piece describing your latest offer or addition to your product line. This high impact message brings to mind and instant connection to the subject line of the email they saw from you earlier that day while checking their smartphone during lunch. This instantly reinforces your message. They don’t even need to have opened your email to know that you have something to offer. Your message was in the subject line. And, your same message is in full, bright color on the mail piece. They dwell on your mail piece, intrigued by the synergy of the messages.

Now, combine that with a well-planned tweet and facebook post that evening. They see your message again as part of their normal routine of checking their social networks.  Lead your customer to a detailed web page designed specifically for your marketing campaign. This is where you can get very detailed with your offer. Your product message gets delivered and reinforced much more than if any of these communications had been done in isolation. You have weaved your message into the normal lifestyle pattern of your prospective customers. This has a much higher impact than interrupting their favorite TV show or evening news to shout your message over and over. It can also be much more cost-effective. Higher impact and more cost-effective. The synergy can serve to accelerate your business in the year to come. We can help with the planning and execution of your marketing plan. Call us to see how to execute a plan for your business.

January 31, 2013

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