Adding Direct Mail To Your Marketing Mix May Boost Returns

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It’s not the most glamorous part of business, but it’s a key part.

And it always seems to come up when money is going to be spent. Yup, you guessed it. Return on investment. It’s a hard number to peg when it comes to marketing efforts, but we do know that direct mail has one of the highest ROIs of any method.

Play to your strengths

One of the best parts of direct mail is the ability to measure ROI easily. This can’t always be said for print or broadcast ads. Direct mail is also less expensive than most traditional advertising. It’s very versatile across industries and company size as well.

Make strategic choices

Direct mail is great for creating sales leads, but your message has to hit home with your audience. A personalized, direct message with a clear call to action creates the highest response. Providing an incentive for response is a no-brainer for a higher response rate, but it could hurt your ROI if not planned properly.

Lay the foundation

Your direct mail campaign can only succeed with a quality mailing list. Make sure your contacts are as up to date as possible to not waste time and money. Don’t get discouraged if your first mailing doesn’t create the buzz that you had hoped. It will take a couple of mailings to find the sweet spot of your audience.


Bill Nichols

October 2, 2014

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