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When you shop for a new house, you can take a couple of approaches.

You can buy one of several standard models in the subdivision or purchase a custom home, constructed to your needs and specifications. Mailing lists are similar. You can rent one of the hundreds of existing mailing lists out there, or, you can build your own custom list.

One size doesn’t always fit all

A custom list is called for when you are targeting an industry that might be small and specialized. In some cases, the audience might be in a limited geographical area, like a city or a region.

Get creative

We build lists like this all the time for our customers, and each of them requires a different approach. It all starts with brainstorming about who the target audience is and where we might find their addresses and other information.

Think outside the box

One of the best places to start, in cases like this, is organizations that your target audience would join. The membership directories or industry magazines for these groups often have the information you need to build mailing lists.

Another way to grow your mailing list is to think beyond selling to individuals. Let’s say, for example, that you manage a theater and you want to sell tickets to plays. Obviously, you have a mailing list of individuals in your area who have attended plays in the past or are interested in the arts. But perhaps you should also think about ways you could sell 40 tickets at a time instead of 2. Group tours are always looking for outings, so add tour companies that do business in the region to your mailing list. If your theater is known for wholesome, family productions, add church-based travel groups within a certain geographical radius.

These are just a couple of the many ways you can build and grow a custom mailing list.


Sawyier Phillips

April 6, 2015

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