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Making your website more interactive is not rocket science.

If you understand your business and your customers, you’ll have no problem building a website that builds business by building relationships. A good example is one of our clients, a heating and air-conditioning company. Heating and air firms typically don’t make a lot of headlines for innovation, but this company is forward thinking. This company is really using its website to connect it to current and future customers. After we talked over some of the company’s goals with leaders, we made the website more interactive, by adding a couple of simple features.


Product selector tool helps homeowners

One is a product selector tool that allows homeowners to narrow their search for a heat pump. There are thousands of heat pumps out there, so narrowing the search is a tremendous service.
Homeowners answer five questions, and the tool recommends heat pumps for their particular situation. The questions are simple, for example, “Is your current system gas or electric?”
At the end of the process, the homeowner can fill out a form for more information. Almost all who use the tool opt to do so. This gives our client valuable information about their current or potential customers.

Customers appreciate maintenance reminders

Another handy feature allows customers to sign up for maintenance reminders for their systems. They’ll be reminded by email when it is time to change their furnace filters, for example.
Many businesses could interact with their customers in similar fashion. The veterinarian’s office could alert you that it is time for Fluffy’s annual checkup. The garden center could remind you that the time is right to plant tomatoes. The key is to make it something that is useful to your customer.

For more information and ideas, download our resource 5 Ways to Add Muscle to Your Website.

June 16, 2014

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