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Here’s a good way to make better use your current customers: Look for businesses or individuals that are similar to those you do business with now and then market to them.

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Start with what you know

If your business is B-to-B, we can look at the companies you do business with now and find more like them. We’ll analyze a lot of data, for example, where are the companies located? How big are they, in terms of sales and number of employees? We can determine their Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code, a four-digit code used to classify business and industry, and find other companies that have the same classification. If your firm is B-to-C, we analyze where your current customers live, their income range, their interests and other demographic data.

Our process

  1. By analyzing data about current customers, we can create a profile and search for other businesses or individuals that have a similar profile.
  2. After we compile this new list of potential clients, we will check it against your current client list, to ensure we aren’t sending duplicate mailings.
  3. The end result is a mailing list that will offer you excellent business prospects and help expand your business.

Check out our resource “Five Strengths Of Direct Mail” to learn more about our Direct Marketing services.


Bill Nichols

November 6, 2014

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