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When it comes to making widgets, everyone in town knows that you are the wizard of widgetry, an expert in your field. But how can you become known as an authority in the wider world?


Establish yourself as an authority

First, you can blog about your field. Then, you can use Google authorship to attract readers to your blog and ultimately, build a reputation as an authority in your field. To start the process, sign up for a Google + account if you don’t already have one. Next, register for authorship at When registration is complete, you simply link all of your blogs and other content to your Google+ account, always making sure that your byline is on all of your content. The byline is the way Google tracks your content.

Keep it interesting for your readers

From there, you must produce blogs and articles that are rich in information and insight and give readers pertinent information. Quantity and quality of blogs are keys to establishing authority. A new blog a week is probably minimal, and more is better. As you produce more content, you will come up more often in Internet searches, which means you should gain more followers on your Google+ account. Because Google drives some 60 percent of Internet searches, it makes good sense to sign on with Google authorship if you want your content to be read, liked, shared and commented on.

Get started writing

So you say you have no time to write or you don’t know what to write about? I’ll share some ideas and tips in my next blog.

By the way, this blog, at 287 words, is a good length to shoot for. It is about the length of Abraham Lincoln’s ultra-brief (272 word), but incredibly powerful, Gettysburg Address.

August 25, 2014

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