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I pay close attention to companies that build their brand by telling their stories. If you lead a business or organization, you should do the same.


Healthcare knows how to tell a story

One industry that I recommend watching is healthcare. Hospitals and other medical facilities inspire, educate and ultimately, drive other patients to their doors, by telling stories of the people they care for and the medical professionals who provide that care.

Many ways to share the message

Imagine the ways a medical center with a top-rated oncology program can say that it is the place to come for cancer care. A patient whose cancer was cured through an innovative treatment could talk about her experience in an online newsletter. Or, a photo of the patient with her medical team could be posted on Facebook with a link to a video interview on YouTube with her doctor. The patient could become the face of successful cancer care on a billboard. Members of her medical team could describe their roles in her care in a series of blogs.

When people talk, others listen

Any company or organization can do what the hospitals do. And, your stories don’t have to be heart-tugging to make people to listen. But you do have to make sure the stories are genuine and told by real people. If you lead a college, have your students, professors or alumni tell stories that underscore the school’s mission. If you make software, have your corporate clients to talk about challenges they faced and why they chose your product to solve the problem.

A church on a mission

We recently wrapped up a launch of a new product called StoryArc. During its beta test, we partnered with a one of our customers, who is a church, to help tell the story of their mission trip to Chicago. By leveraging existing social media content, they were able to tell personal, authentic stories through photos, videos and text, all curated in one organized display. Give us a call to learn more about StoryArc.

November 23, 2015

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