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Capitalize on our love of surprises—send someone a box.

think outside the box
Long ago, Cracker Jacks capitalized on our love of surprises when it packed tiny prizes in boxes of caramel corn. We couldn’t dig through that sticky popcorn fast enough to find our prize.

Look! It’s Mr. Potato Head

A box with a surprise inside can be a great way to capture the attention of a target audience. Years ago, the state of Rhode Island, home of Hasbro, caught the eye of travel writers when it sent them Mr. Potato Head, one of Hasbro’s products, along with an invitation to visit the state and write about it. An investment firm got the attention of successful business owners when it mailed each of them a box filled with 100 one-dollar bills and an invitation to meet with an investment adviser. Needless to say, the investment adviser lined up quite a few appointments.

Small audiences, big results

Of course, these dimensional mailings cost more than a postcard or a brochure, but if you have a small audience—say 500 to 1,000—and you are trying to interest them in a big-ticket item or service, these mailings can be extremely effective. The open-rate for a dimensional piece of mail is much, much higher than that of traditional mail. And, they don’t always cost as much as you would think. We recently created a direct mail piece for a client with a high-end item to sell. The box included a tiny flashlight that jived with the theme “shed some light on value.” The cost per piece was around $10.


Sawyier Phillips

September 28, 2015

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