WEBjet 200D: Coming Soon to Bluegrass

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This year at Bluegrass, we gave ourselves a late Christmas present: a Super Web brand WEBjet 200D printer.

It will arrive mid-January. Bluegrass is among the early adopters of this next-generation color inkjet printer.

More flexibility and color for our print customers

What does this new printer mean for our customers? We’ve talked to several companies like ours in other parts of the country who’ve been using WEBjet for a while.

They say it gives them the flexibility to meet the on-demand or just-in-time printing needs of their customers and to use variable color in ways that weren’t possible with preprinted shells.

Preprinted shells no longer needed

WEBjet also eliminates the need for these shells (preprinted forms). So, you no longer have to pay to store reams of pre-printed letterhead or invoices or worry that it will have to be tossed if you change your logo or decide to redesign your invoices. With the WEBjet, we can now run the color letterhead and the message in one pass.

Another advantage of the WEBjet? Other project needs, like perforation, punching, folding and stacking, can all be done by this single piece of equipment.

Welcome to the future of printing

Only around 1,500 of these high-speed inkjet printers from all manufacturers are in use, yet they already produce as many printed pages as the 200,000 color toner printers in operation. We believe our WEBjet printing technology is the future of printing, and we’re proud to be a part of it.

Call us for more details or to discuss your printing needs.


Bill Nichols

January 4, 2019

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