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What exactly do you want your website to do for you?

We all know a website is a vital part of your business. Really, what did businesses do before websites arrived with the Internet? Since they’re so important, you should expect your site to boost your ROI – that is, if you’re using them correctly and investing time and money in it.

Your website is on duty 24/7 and has tremendous potential to attract customers, perhaps even more than a sales representative. First impressions become lasting impressions, so make your customers’ website experiences positive.

Bluegrass Mailing, Data, Fulfillment will design a great looking and practical website for your small or mid-size business so it ranks high in search engines while displaying correctly on the latest mobile devices.

Don’t cut corners on your website.

Bargain website designers may know just enough to waste your time and money. Forget flash and splash. Be smart in adding sharp, pertinent copy, graphics and features that lead to sales and ROI.

Decide on your goals.

What exactly do you want your website to do for you? Once a visitor arrives at your home page, or deeper into the site, what do you want them to do with the next click, and the one after? Visitors will do one of two things: drill deeper or abandon the site. Everything on an entry page must entice a visitor to explore. Help them choose the most convenient path to what they and you want.

How are you calling them to action? Have you made it simple to reach one of your goals, like registering their email, requesting a sales call or selecting and ordering products or services? Lastly, are you measuring how the experience was for the visitor and what you should improve upon it?

Today, websites are measured by what are called conversions – how often visitors reach one of your goals or complete one of your activities. Data can reveal what visitors do when they reach your site. You must cut down on bounces or single page views.

If you sell online, help the visitor take the next step. Key words like Buy Now and Add to Cart are necessary but does the customer know how to even get that far and what to do after? Some sites are overwhelming with their choices. Guide your visitors easily through the process.

If you try these things, you’ll boost your chances of reaching your ROI.

January 24, 2013

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