When You’re Finished Changing, You’re Finished

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Benjamin Franklin is the man responsible for the title of this blog post. And while we realize that Ben was not talking about websites, his words still ring true for this topic.


Keep your website current

Keeping a website current is a big challenge for small- to medium-size businesses. Look at the to-do list, and maintaining the website is dead last. A busy business owner could spend hours doing tweaks and updates, or, if she is lucky, commandeer a daughter, nephew or a young employee to be webmaster.
It’s no wonder websites feel like a burden instead of a business opportunity, which is sad, because with a little investment, a website can go a long way toward boosting sales for a retailer or building a community of supporters for a nonprofit. And having an antiquated website is like having peeling paint on your storefront—it makes your business look bad.

New CMS systems are time savers

I see some hope. The websites we design today are much easier for businesses to maintain. New content management systems are headache free, with no clunky code to learn. Updating is a matter of typing in new information or cutting and pasting. The system tells where chunks of content should show up. Business owners don’t have to do the heavy lifting.

Less busy work, more innovation

When business owners have to spend less time on the basics, they’ll have more time to think about how to make better use of their website because I see lots of missed opportunities. Businesses can do much more than send out that monthly email blast.

For more information and ideas, download our resource Five Ways to Add Muscle to Your Website.

May 12, 2014

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