Ecommerce growth doesn't have to come with growing pains

on Dec. 10 2020  

What are your fulfillment processes?

on Aug. 17 2020  

By partnering with a third-party logistics company (3PL) like Bluegrass, ecommerce startups can grow [...]

on Mar. 5 2020  

DIY fulfillment may not be the best move, here's why

on Jan. 27 2020  

Your website is your storefront online, be sure your site is optimized for search

on Nov. 27 2019  

No surprise, shipping costs will go up in 2020.

on Oct. 23 2019  

Get ready now for the 2019 holidays by preparing to get shipments out fast

on Sep. 18 2019  

Get your fulfillment plan ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the year’s biggest shopping day [...]

on Aug. 13 2019  

ECommerce takes more than a product and website

on Jul. 5 2019  

Need marketing intel and insights? Ask your Third Party Logistics (3PL) partner 

on Jun. 10 2019  

Reconsidering your current fulfillment solution? You're not alone.

on May. 7 2019  

Hiring a third-party fulfillment and shipping professional allows ecommerce distributors to focus on [...]

on Mar. 27 2019  

When it comes down to it, efficiency in warehousing and distribution is key

on Feb. 19 2019  

Our fulfillment services are booming, but in a landlocked building our warehouse space needed to gro [...]

on Jan. 15 2019  

A holiday gift for retailers - tons of sales data.

on Dec. 10 2018  

From thank-you notes to coupons to logo items, adding something special makes your shipments standou [...]

on Nov. 2 2018  

Creating a good return policy for orders is one area where new e-commerce businesses often fall shor [...]

on Sep. 30 2018  

Is DIY’ing your shipping and handling impeding business growth?

on Aug. 27 2018  

Shipping small packages in significant quantities? Check out two ways to save on shipping.

on Jul. 23 2018  

If you run an ecommerce business, it is inevitable you will have more merchandise returned than if y [...]

on Jun. 11 2018  

Feeling overwhelmed by Amazon?

on May. 7 2018  

Is it time to outsource your fulfillment?

on Oct. 31 2017  

We’ve all pushed shopping carts through the grocery store, and now, statistics show that nearly al [...]

on Jul. 31 2017  

Handing over the goods to an outsider may be more beneficial than you think.

on Jun. 26 2017  

Bluegrass sees many ways to help Shady Ray’s sell more sunglasses.

on May. 22 2017  

A bigger box will mean a bigger cost.

on Apr. 17 2017  

With an eye to its future, sunglass retailer Shady Ray’s hires Bluegrass to inspect its shades.

on Mar. 6 2017  

For safe shipping, what’s inside the box counts.

on Feb. 6 2017  

Outdoorsy types need sunglasses that protect their eyes, look good and don’t cost a bundle. Nothin [...]

on Jan. 2 2017  

Businesses large and small are having a tough time finding good employees. The current low rate of u [...]

on Nov. 28 2016  

Any ecommerce business can benefit from shopping cart integration.

on Oct. 24 2016  

Your inventory speaks volumes about your business, but in order to hear what it is saying, you need [...]

on Sep. 19 2016  

It may not seem like it, but receiving practices are a big deal.

on Aug. 15 2016  

Each year, U.S. businesses lose hundreds of thousands in revenue because of errors in their shipping [...]

on Jul. 11 2016  

Little touches make your shipments YouTube worthy.

on Jun. 6 2016  

Returns. Don’t think of them as a pain, think of them as business promotion.

on May. 2 2016  

The Beaufort Bonnet Company finds four advantages in having a local fulfillment firm.

on Mar. 28 2016  

The Beaufort Bonnet Company can grow again after outsourcing shipping and warehousing.

on Feb. 22 2016  

Need to speed shipping? The Kentucky region is a “golden” opportunity.

on Jan. 18 2016  

Your inventory report leads a double life. It can also serve as one of your best marketing tools.

on Dec. 14 2015  

The shipping news: When the economy gets healthy, more goods hit the road

on Nov. 9 2015  

Managing and moving your inventory, whether you sell ukuleles or urology supplies, is key to your bu [...]

on Oct. 5 2015  

We know your business “rules,” but what are your business rules?

on Aug. 31 2015  

All boxes aren’t equal. That’s why you need a pro to buy yours.

on Jul. 27 2015  

Time spent upfront is invaluable for inventory management.

on Jun. 22 2015  

Our warehouse is open for tours.

on May. 18 2015  

Keeping your inventory at the perfect level is balancing act.

on Apr. 13 2015  

You don’t have to be an orange farmer or a meat packer to experience product spoilage.

on Mar. 9 2015  

If you own a small company, operating your own warehouse could be a big job.

on Jan. 26 2015  

Shipping isn’t for sissies, or for flimsy packages.

on Dec. 29 2014  

Before you turn your inventory over to a professional fulfillment firm, you need to talk about your [...]

on Nov. 24 2014  

Companies hire a professional fulfillment firm to save time and money on warehousing, ordering, ship [...]

on Oct. 20 2014  

A common question we get is “What exactly is fulfillment?”

on Sep. 15 2014  

When you take a virtual shopping cart system and merge it with fulfillment software, you create a sy [...]

on Aug. 11 2014  

Online shopping carts can be modified to handle all sorts of business needs.

on Jul. 7 2014  

We’ve developed new fulfillment systems for a number of clients. These systems combine the shoppin [...]

on Jun. 2 2014  

One of our clients, a home goods manufacturer, uses Shopping Cart Integration to keep its retail sto [...]

on Apr. 28 2014