Non-Profits Need to Speak Out & Reach Out

on Aug. 24 2020  

Raise money for specific needs now and for year-end gifts in the coming months.

on Aug. 7 2020  

There’s no magic formula, no one way to write an effective fundraising letter, but there are princ [...]

on May. 26 2020  

Direct mail can deliver when nonprofits need to raise money

on Apr. 21 2020  

Want to get elected? Rev up your campaign with a variety of marketing tools

on Mar. 19 2020  

Running for office? Make sure you're set on social.

on Feb. 17 2020  

Get a jumpstart on campaign season by building your political brand

on Feb. 9 2020  

Warm donors' hearts with messages of love on Valentine's day

on Feb. 6 2020  

Here’s a resolution for 2020: Make 3 changes to raise more funds for your charitable organization

on Dec. 6 2019  

Nonprofits need a continuous flow of new donors. Invest time and money to find them.

on Oct. 30 2019  

Be a good steward of donors by using a variety of communication tools to build deeper relationships [...]

on Sep. 25 2019  

Quick, economical postcards give political candidates an edge when they need to make fast responses [...]

on Aug. 20 2019  

Make the best of Giving Tuesday with a month-by-month plan

on Jul. 17 2019  

It’s wise to diversify, whether you use more than one basket for your eggs or buy mutual funds ins [...]

on Jun. 4 2019  

Fundraising is more than just mailing an annual donation request, look to various donor streams and [...]

on Apr. 30 2019  

A targeted mailing list is key to making political campaign mail effective

on Apr. 23 2019  

Most nonprofits have a social media presence, but do they all have a social media strategy? Probably [...]

on Apr. 2 2019  

What would you say if I told you there's a free fundraising platform that has helped hundreds of non [...]

on Feb. 26 2019  

February is the month of love, an emotion expressed very publicly on Valentines Day.

on Jan. 23 2019  

Want to raise more money in 2019? Tell more stories

on Dec. 18 2018  

Make your big fundraising event a big success by promoting it across multiple channels

on Nov. 9 2018  

If your nonprofit is trying to decide where to focus its social media efforts, dig into the research [...]

on Oct. 5 2018  

Fundraising is the lifeline for nonprofits. But how can it be done more effectively.

on Sep. 3 2018  

Odds are, you aren’t thanking your donors enough.

on Jul. 30 2018  

Bring back donor mailing lists that worked in the past and watch results of acquisition mailings ris [...]

on Jun. 25 2018  

Christmas in July? It’s can be hard to get a handle on this concept; planning so far ahead just do [...]

on May. 14 2018  

Want to guarantee fundraising success? Create a fundraising marketing calendar to guide your efforts [...]

on Dec. 21 2017  

Ten of every 100 donors your nonprofit receives gifts from this year won’t donate next year. They [...]

on Aug. 7 2017  

Your organization’s supporters are its best friends. And if you know anything about friendships, y [...]

on Jul. 3 2017  

Figuring out the amount of the average gift from your donor base serves more of a purpose than you m [...]

on May. 29 2017  

Check out

on Apr. 24 2017  

Mark your calendar and make plans for multichannel fundraising efforts.

on Mar. 14 2017  

Target the Boomers. They're the generation that has most to give and is most likely to give.

on Feb. 13 2017  

Odds are there are some big days on your nonprofit’s calendar. The 5K run on Memorial Day. The w [...]

on Jan. 9 2017  

Sunrise Children’s Services learns the best way to find new donors is by analyzing the old.

on Dec. 5 2016  

If you communicate with all of your donors with the same newsletters, fundraising letters, emails, i [...]

on Oct. 31 2016  

Sending a fundraising letter? Hire a professional to write it.

on Sep. 26 2016  

Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant were epitomes of style and elegance.

on Aug. 22 2016  

The donate button, donation form and gift acknowledgement are the foundation of any online giving pr [...]

on Jul. 18 2016  

Take the time to do the math.

on Jun. 13 2016  

Think about all the payments we make monthly.

on May. 9 2016  

If you run a charitable organization, don’t limit spring cleaning to your desk and drawers.

on Apr. 4 2016  

Put together a band of donors, volunteers and clients to toot your nonprofit organization’s horn.

on Feb. 29 2016  

Too much on the fundraising to-do list? Hand off some hats.

on Jan. 25 2016  

How much is too much? Or too little?

on Dec. 21 2015  

In fundraising, business reply can bring in the bucks.

on Nov. 16 2015  

Believe it or not, your donors receive more than just your fundraising appeals.

on Oct. 12 2015  

Make a wise choice: give donors options.

on Sep. 7 2015  

A successful fundraising mailing really comes down to four things.

on Aug. 3 2015  

You are doing a great job mailing letters, newsletters and thank yous to your donors.

on Jun. 28 2015  

Most of the 1.5 million nonprofits in the United States aren’t in touch with their donors as often [...]

on May. 25 2015  

The more personal you can make your fundraising appeal, the more successful it will be.

on Apr. 20 2015  

Your donor list is the lifeblood of your organization.

on Mar. 16 2015  

We can all learn from others, especially those who do what they do really well.

on Feb. 9 2015  

If you are sending out a fundraising letter and nothing more, you are missing out on many potential [...]

on Jan. 5 2015  

It is wise to stay in touch with your high-dollar donors.

on Dec. 1 2014  

Did you know that 97 percent of charities and nonprofits in the U.S. use YouTube?

on Oct. 27 2014  

No campaign strategy can be effective without identifying your target audience.

on Sep. 24 2014  

If you want your key donors’ continued support, you’ve got to keep in touch and not just to ask [...]

on Sep. 22 2014  

Multi-channel marketing will cut through the noise during campaign season.

on Sep. 10 2014  

We've seen many a campaign in our 40 years of experience, and the successful ones all seem to follow [...]

on Sep. 3 2014  

When it comes to donor acquisition mailings, our motto is, “You never know until you test.”

on Aug. 18 2014  

Let’s be direct shall we?

on Aug. 13 2014  

Political campaigns don’t get second chances.

on Jul. 30 2014  

With the new House and Senate districts having been signed into law in August 2013, there has been s [...]

on Jul. 16 2014  

Each year, nonprofits lose an estimated 10 percent of their donors.

on Jul. 14 2014  

When you’ve been in this business 40 years, you see a lot of things that work and a lot of things [...]

on Jun. 9 2014  

Donor acquisition is a constant challenge for every nonprofit, but especially for local organization [...]

on May. 5 2014  

Your donors, friends and patrons are the core of your fundraising success.

on Apr. 24 2014  

You don’t have to outspend the competition to outwork them.

on Dec. 6 2012  

Just because it sounds low tech, doesn’t mean that it is.

on Nov. 27 2012  

No one believes more strongly in your cause than you do. Your passion is one of the things that make [...]

on Nov. 20 2012  

Everything else you do in fund raising begins with donor acquisition. The effort must be constant. [...]

on Nov. 14 2012  

Complete or compete? Which is the endgame for you?

on Nov. 13 2012  

Direct mail is a tried and true way of getting votes in a political campaign. But to get the most fr [...]

on Sep. 13 2012  

Effective execution requires experience. You don’t want to risk your campaign to a partner who is [...]

on Sep. 6 2012  

Overcoming a bad case of : “Hey Generic Voter”

on May. 17 2012