Want to get elected? Rev up your campaign with a variety of marketing tools

on Mar. 19 2020  

Running for office? Make sure you're set on social.

on Feb. 17 2020  

Get a jumpstart on campaign season by building your political brand

on Feb. 9 2020  

Quick, economical postcards give political candidates an edge when they need to make fast responses [...]

on Aug. 20 2019  

A targeted mailing list is key to making political campaign mail effective

on Apr. 23 2019  

No campaign strategy can be effective without identifying your target audience.

on Sep. 24 2014  

Multi-channel marketing will cut through the noise during campaign season.

on Sep. 10 2014  

We've seen many a campaign in our 40 years of experience, and the successful ones all seem to follow [...]

on Sep. 3 2014  

Let’s be direct shall we?

on Aug. 13 2014  

Political campaigns don’t get second chances.

on Jul. 30 2014  

With the new House and Senate districts having been signed into law in August 2013, there has been s [...]

on Jul. 16 2014  

Direct mail is a tried and true way of getting votes in a political campaign. But to get the most fr [...]

on Sep. 13 2012  

Effective execution requires experience. You don’t want to risk your campaign to a partner who is [...]

on Sep. 6 2012