A versatile, yet simple digital marketing tool

on Feb. 17 2021  

Make sure your artwork is print-ready

on Jan. 26 2021  

What makes integrated marketing so impactful?

on Jan. 6 2021  

Social Media is an Essential

on Dec. 21 2020  

Amplify by Bluegrass a marketing-based solution that is designed to seamlessly track the effectivene [...]

on Nov. 12 2020  

Make your home page work for you.

on Sep. 30 2020  

A website is the go-to for information on your business

on Sep. 21 2020  

Learn how to choose the most suitable typeface and font style for your brand.

on Aug. 31 2020  

A lot goes into new websites, here are a few things to remember

on Jul. 23 2020  

A Make or Break Situation

on Jun. 22 2020  

Local businesses need listings

on Jun. 8 2020  

Image Optimization for print vs web

on May. 4 2020  

Organic posts, boosted posts, ads...what's the difference?

on Apr. 2 2020  

Don't leave people in the dust - make your website accessible

on Feb. 24 2020  

Running for office? Make sure you're set on social.

on Feb. 17 2020  

You've got mail

on Jan. 21 2020  

Choosing a paper is one of the first steps you take in your print marketing project

on Jan. 13 2020  

6 ways to enhance About Us pages A major marketing tool

on Dec. 16 2019  

Your website is your storefront online, be sure your site is optimized for search

on Nov. 27 2019  

Getting to know print, guidelines to live by

on Nov. 5 2019  

Social Media: The Sidewalks of ECommerce

on Oct. 2 2019  

Want to achieve your best Black Friday/Cyber Monday ever? Use these 8 questions to guide your market [...]

on Aug. 27 2019  

Reach locals by optimizing your digital presence for Local Search

on Jul. 24 2019  

Create an email newsletter and watch customer relationships and sales grow

on Jun. 17 2019  

Do you know when your website needs an update?

on May. 14 2019  

Your small business doesn't have to have a small web presence

on Apr. 10 2019  

One touchpoint just doesn't cut it anymore, Integrated Marketing Communications has become the norm

on Mar. 5 2019  

The days when marketing meant buying a half-page ad are done. Today’s effective campaigns use an I [...]

on Jan. 30 2019  

Want to boost your social media game? Start curating content.

on Dec. 26 2018  

3 reasons you should curate content to share with your customers and peers

on Nov. 16 2018  

Marketing to a large audience group?

on Oct. 15 2018  

You and your customers benefit when you know more about them.

on Sep. 10 2018  

Do you have a plan behind your emails? A real reason to be filling your customers' inboxes? Would th [...]

on Aug. 6 2018  

Personalize your enewsletters and email marketing.

on Jul. 2 2018  

Need some goals? Be mobile friendly and produce videos.

on May. 29 2018  

Grow your website traffic through SEO.

on Feb. 7 2018  

About 70 percent of U.S. businesses have a website, and most admit it is tough to keep those sites u [...]

on Aug. 14 2017  

What is email marketing?

on Jul. 10 2017  

Follow these three principles to build a better mobile website.

on Jun. 5 2017  

Nix mixed messages by sticking to your brand strategy.

on May. 1 2017  

Jump into the brave new world of social media advertising.

on Mar. 20 2017  

Make your marketing strategy “Good to the last drop”.

on Feb. 20 2017  

Your customers use lots of different devices--laptops, tablets, smartphones, smart watches, televisi [...]

on Jan. 16 2017  

We are all enthralled with screens. Smartphones. Tablets. Laptops. And the biggest of all, 42- and 4 [...]

on Dec. 12 2016  

Intersect is often called upon to take a good idea and make it a better, more workable reality.

on Nov. 7 2016  

Four years ago, the Lexington Art League (LAL) started work on a great idea designed to bring local [...]

on Oct. 3 2016  

Make your company stronger with a marketing plan that supports SWOT analysis.

on Aug. 29 2016  

Often, the little things either inspire or infuriate us.

on Jul. 25 2016  

Facebook video makes marketers smile. Without a big budget.

on Jun. 21 2016  

Focus less on your home page and more on the whole website.

on Jun. 20 2016  

Social media makes small or large companies mighty marketers.

on May. 16 2016  

2016 is the year to leap into interactive digital displays.

on Apr. 11 2016  

What's the buzz? It's social media at work.

on Mar. 7 2016  

Not so long ago, your company’s Facebook friends were social media superheroes.

on Feb. 1 2016  

The most successful organizations are very, very good at telling who they are and what they do.

on Dec. 28 2015  

I pay close attention to companies that build their brand by telling their stories. If you lead a bu [...]

on Nov. 23 2015  

There are many reasons to optimize your website for mobile viewing.

on Oct. 19 2015  

A few years ago, I didn’t think much of Facebook ads.

on Sep. 14 2015  

Want clicks? Ditch John Doe and get personal.

on Aug. 10 2015  

A potential customer just signed up to receive emails from your company, virtually opening the door [...]

on Jul. 6 2015  

In the mail, almost every day, you’ll find a letter or two from a business that you’ve never hea [...]

on Jun. 1 2015  

When you combine direct mail and email marketing, you get a forceful team—in boxing terms, a one-t [...]

on Apr. 27 2015  

You know the saying to mind your P’s and Q’s. We believe you should also mind your A's and B’s [...]

on Mar. 23 2015  

When a potential client or customer shares their email with you, it is not enough to send a “Thank [...]

on Feb. 16 2015  

Congratulations! You just wrapped up a writing marathon, and you have a month’s worth of blogs to [...]

on Jan. 12 2015  

Looking for a unique way to drive conversions from your marketing materials?

on Jan. 8 2015  

You know you should do it, but you may need some help to get started.

on Dec. 8 2014  

Social media is a lot like a buffet dinner. We sample and pick our favorites.

on Nov. 13 2014  

As you launch your blog, remember that blogging is not a sprint or even a marathon.

on Nov. 3 2014  

Email is approaching its 30th birthday and has never looked better.

on Oct. 16 2014  

Need proof that you can build your business by blogging?

on Sep. 29 2014  

All companies have a marketing plan, whether they realize it or not.

on Sep. 25 2014  

While email may not be as glamorous as other marketing channels (we’re looking at you social and m [...]

on Sep. 18 2014  

When it comes to making widgets, everyone in town knows that you are the wizard of widgetry, an expe [...]

on Aug. 25 2014  

Understanding customers is key to business success. We listen to what they tell us, in person and on [...]

on Jul. 21 2014  

Making your website more interactive is not rocket science.

on Jun. 16 2014  

Benjamin Franklin is the man responsible for the title of this blog post. And while we realize that [...]

on May. 12 2014  

Today’s smartphones and tablets make it handy for your customers to check email anywhere, any time [...]

on May. 2 2013  

Learn how to combine Direct Mail with online business tools such as website landing pages, social ma [...]

on Jan. 31 2013