9 ways to improve your billing process and get more people to pay invoices on time

on Jun. 1 2020  

Charts and graphs add visual interest and valuable information to utility company invoices

on Apr. 27 2020  

With warm and friendly messages, invoices become an engaging voice

on Feb. 13 2020  

QA/QC: What is it, and how can I make sure my providers have this in place?

on Nov. 13 2019  

Carve out time at year end’s to improve your invoice and bring in more payments

on Oct. 8 2019  

Ebilling can improve your cash flow by giving customers a payment option that’s faster and more ef [...]

on Jul. 30 2019  

Every specialty has its own language, and cybersecurity is no different.

on Jun. 25 2019  

What’s the weakest link in your cybersecurity fence? People.

on May. 22 2019  

Will a third-party transactional partner protect your data?

on Apr. 16 2019  

Want to improve your rate of on-time payments? Improve your invoice design.

on Mar. 12 2019  

Invoices shouldn't just collect, they should communicate.

on Feb. 5 2019  

Use messages in monthly invoices to reinforce important information

on Jan. 2 2019  

A new year makes us think about ways to improve our personal and professional lives.

on Nov. 26 2018  

Do you find utility bill payments to be a pain? There has to be an easier way.

on Oct. 19 2018  

When your mail doesn’t go through, we can help figure out what happened.

on Sep. 17 2018  

If you hire a company to prepare and mail your bills, make sure their system lets you monitor your p [...]

on Aug. 13 2018  

Sending your bills via postcard costs more in the long run.

on Jul. 10 2018  

Online bill payment benefits you just as much as your customers.

on May. 21 2018  

Your bill is your main point of contact with your customers. Is it sending the best message?

on Mar. 13 2018  

Bluegrass handles the transactional (billing) needs of companies large and small.

on Aug. 21 2017  

Follow these tips for billing best practices.

on Jul. 17 2017  

Follow these four best practices for more effective billing.

on Jun. 12 2017  

A bill is one piece of mail your customers are guaranteed to read.

on May. 8 2017  

Designing a bill that’s easy to read should be your business’ goal.

on Apr. 3 2017  

Encouraging customers to adopt epayment may seem like an up-hill battle, but it's worth it.

on Mar. 27 2017  

Penalty fees are not a good way to shift customers away from paper bills and into epay.

on Jan. 23 2017  

A small change, like a new bill format, can create a big difference for you and your customers

on Dec. 19 2016  

People pay bills in many ways but online payment is growing fast.

on Nov. 14 2016  

Switching its monthly bills from a postcard to a standard 8.5-by-11-inch, double-sided bill has been [...]

on Oct. 10 2016  

Recent studies show that most Americans write about half as many checks as they did 15 years ago.

on Sep. 5 2016  

Companies sometimes postpone making changes in important processes like billing because they don’t [...]

on Aug. 1 2016  

Did your letters to Santa work?

on Jun. 27 2016  

Our transactional division gets a lot of questions about how we can help companies process, print an [...]

on May. 23 2016  

We often take action to make ourselves feel safer.

on Apr. 18 2016  

Want to capture a customer’s attention? Send them a bill.

on Mar. 14 2016  

Follow these four rules to keep customers’ confidential information secure.

on Feb. 8 2016  

Companies often drag their heels about upgrading and improving their billing process.

on Jan. 4 2016  

Not offering online credit card payments? It’s time to reconsider.

on Nov. 30 2015  

Got an hour? Spend it with a transactional expert.

on Oct. 26 2015  

Are you looking for a transactional company to create an online billing system for you?

on Sep. 21 2015  

DIY is bad business for mailing.

on Aug. 17 2015  

Every industry has its alphabet soup, and the mail business is no different.

on Jul. 13 2015  

Going beyond the day-to-day communication with your customers pays off.

on Jun. 8 2015  

Your mailing list drives your business’ success.

on May. 4 2015  

We all look for ways to make our businesses run more efficiently.

on Mar. 30 2015  

There are a lot of ways to conserve.

on Feb. 23 2015  

When companies turn to third parties to handle their billing, they worry about how secure their data [...]

on Feb. 2 2015  

When a company outsources their billing to us, there's one question they always ask.

on Dec. 15 2014  

In the past six months, we have helped a half dozen of our clients change their bills from postcards [...]

on Nov. 10 2014  

We design, print and mail bills for dozens of businesses and companies.

on Oct. 6 2014  

Which pieces of mail do people pay most attention to? Bills, of course.

on Sep. 1 2014  

What kinds of businesses and companies outsource their billing?

on Jul. 28 2014  

For companies large and small, billing can be a big headache.

on Jun. 23 2014  

Your customers hail from different generations, and they operate at different technological speeds. [...]

on May. 19 2014  

Every bill or statement usually has some extra space. Why not place that space down near the bill’ [...]

on Aug. 7 2012  

Extra space on your bills is a valuable asset that represents a great opportunity to grow your busin [...]

on Jul. 31 2012  

A lot of people still prefer to receive their bills and statements on paper. While it’s true that [...]

on Jul. 24 2012  

Direct Mail Envelope Design

on Jul. 12 2012  

Why not place a small ad on your bills and statements?

on Jul. 10 2012