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Information on the specific mortgage situations of homeowners allows for various valuable insights and targeting options for your direct mail campaigns. Bluegrass’ mortgage mailing lists identify current mortgage holders and give you access to significant and detailed data in regarding the property they live on and their financial position. Combined with an appropriate direct mail marketing campaign based on the specified data, mortgage mailing lists can be one of the best sources of responsive and highly targeted leads available.

More buying power and needs

Homeowner mailing lists are well known to provide substantial opportunities for many different marketing campaigns, due to their higher-than-average incomes and more buying power and needs than renters.

A mortgage mailing list gives more detailed insights into the situation of these homeowners letting you target homeowners in a specific income bracket, financial situation, type of property or the length of time lived in the home. This ensures you are reaching out to the exact people who would be interested in your offer.

So, who can benefit from a mortgage mailing list?

A savvy interpretation of the data available in mortgage lists can allow for a wide range of products and services to be targeted to buy-ready mortgage holders. Aside from the clear opportunities for finance and debt-consolidation-based offers, a mortgage mailing list can also provide responsive leads for any business wishing to market to a specific target market.

What’s on these lists?

Bluegrass’ mortgage mailing lists are compiled from various public data sources, and are regularly checked and updated to ensure relevance and accuracy. These mortgage lists can be highly detailed, providing information on length of occupancy/ownership, mortgage amount to home value ratio, median and household income levels, mortgage payment history and mortgage holders with second mortgages.

While the information is all related to mortgage holdings, mortgage mailing lists can be interpreted with demographic statistical data in mind to form a highly accurate profile of the homeowners on the list.

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Can you print my mail piece?

Yes.  We can design and print any postcard or mail piece.

I don’t have a bulk mail permit – What do I do?

You do not have to have your own permit in order to take advantage of bulk mail postal discounts.  We have permits for all classes of mail – Presort First Class, Presort Standard, etc.

Our clients can print our permit on the mail piece / envelope and Bluegrass can prepare the mailing file to meet the appropriate USPS standards which allows you to capture the postage savings.

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Can I pay by credit card?

Yes.  Notify your Project Manager that you wish to do so and a secure credit card payment link will be emailed to you for completion.

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We have a fleet of vehicles that can pickup or deliver daily within the Central Kentucky, Louisville and Cincinnati areas.