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So your direct mail piece is designed and printed, your mailing list has been selected and now you’re ready to mail it. This is where Bluegrass shines. Direct mailing services are how we cut our teeth and are still an integral part of our business. Our over 40 years of experience really comes in handy when it comes to data processing and management and technology involved with envelope inserting.

Data processing and management can simply be manipulating your mailing list into a different format or it can be as complex as consolidating, migrating and summarizing it into a better-suited list. Our data center handles a very diverse group of data and word processing projects. Many of our programs are formulated, designed, written and processed by our staff. Keeping data up-to-date through mailing list maintenance is also crucial for the most effective direct marketing campaign.

Getting your brochures, reply cards, letters, business cards or any other marketing collateral into the right envelope can be done through standard envelope inserting machines or through intelligent envelope inserting. Bluegrass has the technology to do both.

We stay on top of all new regulations

It’s important to have a business partner that is up-to-speed on the regulations of their industry. You can be sure that Bluegrass Direct Marketing does just this. One of the most recent changes in regards to direct mail postal-automation discounts is the new Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB). All outgoing and pre-paid reply mail must have the updated format to continue receiving the discounts. We ensure that all of the direct mail pieces we process conform to these new regulations.

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