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Intelligent Envelope Inserting

How does it work?

Barcodes, 2D codes, and OMR marks can each be output on forms, letters, and documents. These can then be processed through our equipment to be scanned, gathered, folded and machine inserted. This technology is perfect for your multi-page statements, variable personalized sheet counts, and invoice mailing preparation. Intelligent Inserting Camera Verification prints the codes on the documents to be verified against their respective data file.

This process of our Intelligent Envelope Inserting service ensures that all invoices were printed, processed, mailed, that duplicate documents were not printed and that only one document would be inserted in each envelope. After the printed piece has been inserted into the envelope, we can inkjet the name, address, and other information on the outside of the envelope. Intelligent Envelope Inserting is an incredible technology that, when combined with a direct mail service like our Transpromo or Statement Processing Services, can create a very powerful and effective solution for your next piece.


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