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Standard Machine Envelope Inserting

Why use the standard process?

There may be times that your project doesn’t call for complex envelope inserting. If you don’t need the intelligent inserter to do the thinking, we have standard envelope inserting machines for your project as well. In fact, we have a whole fleet of envelope inserting machines. These machines gather your brochures, reply cards, letters, business cards, or any other marketing collateral that you may want to have inserted into your envelope and stacks them neatly onto a conveyor. The envelope inserting machine's arm then pushes these inserts into your envelope, seals the envelope and stacks it perfectly in the hopper. All of that time you spent sitting in front of the TV stuffing all those envelopes by hand, getting paper cuts all over your fingers and glue poisoning from licking all those envelopes, you could have just brought your envelope-inserting job to Bluegrass and paid only pennies per piece to have our machines do the work for you.


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