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Every time you send out a products brochure or a promo kit, you are using time that could be better spent growing your business. Why not let Bluegrass Fulfillment deliver and maintain your inventory of your products?

We can provide a branded, secure, online portal for order placement and tracking. Your products will be kept in a climate-controlled warehouse. Our staff will pick/pack/ship orders using real-time inventory FIFO methodology, and they can be used to integrate with various freight companies and USPS. Our customers use us to fulfill marketing material, product and point-of-purchase requests.


We can store your product in our fulfillment warehouse and ship it out on demand.

Shopping Cart Integration

Integrating your existing virtual shopping cart with fulfillment software saves time and money. A win-win if you ask us.

Sales Kit Fulfillment

Need binders assembled for a stakeholders meeting? We’re on it.

Rebate Processing

Let Bluegrass simplify your rebate program.

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