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Taking advantage of  BG’s  fulfillment services equals one thing for your company: Productivity. Getting more done with lean staffs and limited resources. One area ripe for improvement is delivering literature fulfillment and small promotional packages. Think about it. A request comes in for your latest demo kit. At this point, someone on your staff has to stop what they are doing and handle the fulfillment kit request. What’s more, someone had to make sure there were plenty in stock and that they are current. Then, your staff has to make sure it gets sent to the right place. Now visualize this: get all this done automatically without interrupting your staff.

Here’s how our fulfillment services work:

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All Service Line FAQs
Can I pay by credit card?

Yes.  Notify your Project Manager that you wish to do so and a secure credit card payment link will be emailed to you for completion.

Can you pick up my materials?

We have a fleet of vehicles that can pickup or deliver daily within the Central Kentucky, Louisville and Cincinnati areas.