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How it works

When you need to get new sales kits to your sales teams, or to send a welcome packet to a new customer, let Bluegrass Fulfillment handle it. Our fulfillment services utilize state of the art technology to ensure that your materials are professionally prepared, printed and shipped.

We receive pieces for the kits (documents, DVDs, photos, etc.) directly from our customers, pull them from our secure, climate-controlled warehouse or print them in-house when needed with our on-demand printing. Our staff then assembles and organizes the materials and prepares them for delivery. We can receive orders for sales kits through a personalized online portal, here on our own site or by email. Shipment notifications and tracking information are available if needed as well.

 Why Bluegrass Fulfillment?

We strive to make sales kit fulfillment as easy and hassle free as possible for our clients. We handle all aspects of ordering and assembly, end to end. We’ve been in business for 40 years and have worked to streamline and improve our fulfillment process. What this means for your business is you can rest assured your order will be processed correctly and efficiently.

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