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One size does not fit all

Here at Bluegrass we understand that the needs of nonprofits aren’t like other businesses. We know that fundraising is one of the most, if not the most, important thing you do. Without donations, your organization could not keep carrying out its mission and serving those who count on your support. We also realize that budgets are tight, so getting the most bang for your buck is crucial. This is where using Bluegrass as your partner for your next fundraising campaign will really pay off.

The perfect list

Whether you are trying to reach an audience that is scattered throughout the country, or your efforts are concentrated a little closer to home, our team can help you determine and construct the most effective way to reach these potential donors.

When you first talk to one of our team members about the goals you want to achieve with your campaign, they will listen and take this into consideration before making any suggestions. Like a true business partner, we want what is best for your organization and will only recommend tools that will benefit you. This can be done through print or interactive methods, or a combination of both.

Testing, testing

Once your audience is selected, Bluegrass can help you craft your message to achieve the desired affect beyond just acquiring a donor. We know the importance of creating a long-lasting relationship with your donors and how important it is for them to feel connected to your organization, be it through stories and anecdotes or hard facts.

We suggest testing your mailing list and message before sending to the full list. This means if you have a list of 10,000 recipients, send out your direct mail piece or email to only 100 of those names to see what kind of response you get. This will give you an idea if it is worth your time and money to send to remaining 9,900.

Need great creative?

Our in-house creative team, Intersect Creative, understands what it takes to speak to potential and existing donors, and that over-the-top design may give the wrong message when asking for a donation. They can also help in designing a landing page for your organization to collect donations as well. If you need help with content creation, we have members of our staff that can help with that, too.

Getting it out the door

We have the tools to print and sort your piece, and to also personalize your printed piece. Our variable data printing (VDP) software makes it easier than ever to customize your message to your potential donors so they feel unique and know that their contribution is appreciated and important.

With the medium and message in place, there’s nothing left to do except send it out. Once it is out of your hands and into your potential donors’, this may seem like the end of the campaign. On the contrary, this is when some of the most valuable information can be collected. We can track your responses and provide reports and analytics to help nurture these relationships and to better arm your organization for the next go round.

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