Political fundraising and campaigning is its own animal, not just an elephant or donkey. We're here to help.

Use a multichannel approach for your platform

The ability to spread the word about your platform can be inhibited without the capital to support your strategy. Here at Bluegrass Integrated Communications, we have the experience to help you plan your successful fundraising campaign. Whether it is direct mail or email based, our team can help you plan your strategy and be your partner while you are on the campaign trail. We can also help you create a landing page to collect donations and donor information and develop a social media campaign.

Use what you have

When it comes to planning a successful fundraising campaign, there are certain steps that you need to take. Taking the time to pinpoint your best existing donors, and calling on them to help spread your message will really pay off when you try to grow your audience and reach.

Your competition will be trying to reach the same audience, so engaging them through unique channels is crucial. But the conversation doesn’t stop there. Building a relationship takes constant interaction.


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