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Today’s marketing landscape is constantly changing, but including interactive and digital marketing as part of your plan will keep you ahead of the curve. Today’s consumer expects a seamless, multi-platform experience across desktop, mobile and tablet.

Not only do they expect your communication to flow from one channel to another, they also expect a personalized experience and for your message to meet them where they are. This goes beyond your website to social media and email. One benefit of interactive marketing is that it is highly measurable and targetable. Being able to track how your customers interacted with specific campaigns allows you to tweak your message in the future. For example, measuring click-through rates of an email can help to customize your future messages in a drip campaign.

Web Design

Let Bluegrass help you find the intersection between aesthetics and functionality to create the best user experience for your website.

Email Marketing

The perfect complement to your direct mail campaign to nurture customer relationships.

Search Engine Marketing

It can seem like the Wild West sometimes, but Bluegrass is the new Sheriff in town.

Social Media

Just having a website doesn’t cut it anymore; customers expect you to be social.

Need some guidance?

Interactive and digital marketing may seem like this abstract, ominous creature, but our in-house interactive team, Intersect Creative, can help you define exactly what would work best for your company. Whether it’s a standalone website or you need an interactive component to dovetail with your traditional marketing efforts, we will listen to your goals and help you achieve them.

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