Search Engine Marketing

Google receives 10s of thousands of searches each second. These searches show active intent and interest. When you have relevant resources to respond, be sure you are doing your best to reach that results page.

So, What Is Search Marketing?

Let us clear up the confusion. Search Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing are buzz terms that get thrown around a lot, but not everyone knows exactly what they mean.

Search Marketing in a nutshell is the work of getting your business and content ranking high on the search engine results page, in turn driving traffic to your site from the searches that matter. These efforts are made up of two primary categories: Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization.

Pay Per Click

Drive traffic to your website with paid ads on searches that may otherwise be too competitive to rank for organically.


Search Engine Optimization

Earn website traffic organically by optimizing your free listings and website so it performs for your best interests.



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