What is Pay-Per-Click marketing?

Pay-Per-Click marketing, or PPC, is a search engine advertising program designed to bring in visitors that might not find you otherwise. With search engines playing a vital role in online advertising campaigns, you have to be listed in the top results or your competitors will be the ones being found by your customers and you will lose business.

At Bluegrass Interactive we have an in-house PPC team that can help you research the best possible keywords and make sure your targeting is top notch. Targeting the wrong keyword phrases can cost you thousands of dollars and not make you a cent. We avoid these mistakes and direct only quality traffic to your site.

Four main parts to a successful PPC campaign


  • Targeting

    You can set several criteria for displaying your advertisements. Targeting can be set based on users’ geographical locations, devices, operating systems, key words and more.

  • Testing

    Each PPC advertisement is based upon keywords. When any user searches for these keywords, your advertisement is displayed on the result pages. We test not only keywords but also the ads. As the ads get better and better, your quality score goes up and you wind up paying less money for the same clicks. Google, Yahoo and Bing all want quality results appearing in their results and reward those who perform well.

  • Local Advertising 

    We can help you set up and run for enhanced local sales. With your ads you can even display maps to your establishment for easier navigation and accuracy. This becomes helpful for users who use their smart phones to search products nearby and you have the opportunity to grab all these sales.

  • Re-Marketing

    Have you ever visited a website and then seen an ad for that company while on another site? This is called re-marketing and is a very effective form of online advertising. We can help you set up a successful re-marketing campaign so you can start taking advantage of this powerful online advertising medium.

Successful Pay-Per-Click management offers faster ROI than any other program in the realm of Internet advertising and marketing. You can literally monitor your investment returns in real time! You can decide your budget and bids. With comprehensive analytical and reporting tools we will manage every element of your PPC campaign.

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