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You’ve gotta be social

It’s not enough to have a website that is fully optimized for search with a user-centric design:  your business must have a social media presence. And we’re not talking about just having a Facebook page. Let Bluegrass Interactive create a comprehensive organic and/or paid social media plan that will keep your customers engaged and stay on target with your existing marketing and branding efforts.

Social media = brand management

It’s crucial that you pay attention to your online image. We can help you create a branded social media presence that will help reinforce your business’ core values. Social media also lets you control the conversation regarding your brand, and it allows you to push out information from your blog, calendar of events or newsletter to an audience that may not visit your website.

Let Bluegrass do the heavy lifting

A lot of our customers complain that they don’t have time to “do social media”. We understand that keeping up with social media takes time away from other parts of your business, so why not partner with a company who can handle it for you? From consultation to day-to-day management, we can take care of it. Not only will can we help develop a social media strategy, we can create creative-driven posts that you can have ready when needed. If you need us to handle all of your social media posts, we can do that too.

Social Media Marketing

With all of the changes to social media marketing, it’s a great time to start trying it for your business. Facebook and Instagram work off of the same database for targeting, and even Twitter has upped its data game. We can help design your ads and set up your social media marketing campaign for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and SnapChat.

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