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When it comes to your jury wheel, you can't take any chances. Make sure that you are working with a partner that can produce a product that is accurate and in a language you can understand and use. Bluegrass can do that and more. With 40 years of experience in managing sensitive information, you can rest assured when handing off your data.


Following your jury plan, we process your original source lists of millions of voter and drivers’ license records, removing duplicates, and creating an exact smaller representation through random selection. Once created, the addresses are matched for updating. Participant numbers and JMS codes are appended and furnished to your court for easy conversion back to your system.


The United States Postal Service studies indicate that 14% of the population moves annually according to the U.S. Census Bureau, causing a comparable portion of your master jury wheel addresses to change. Don’t waste time and money by using a jury wheel that is out of date. We can receive your jury wheel in JMS format and update those records using a series of processes, based on your specific jury plan, including National Change of Address processing, Locatable Address Correction Service, deceased suppression and other in-house programs.

Once your list is updated, we then give the list back to your Court in your JMS format for easy conversion back to your system.

Juror Questionnaires & Summons

Accuracy, turnaround and efficiency. Producing and mailing juror correspondence can be time consuming.  We’ll take your JMS data and handle it from end to end with barcode verification, a reduced rate postage and peace of mind.

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