Figuring out the why

Most businesses know the pros of electronic bill processing or ebilling:  reduced costs and waste, providing customers a service they want and quicker payment. However, when surveyed, the main reason businesses don’t offer electronic bill processing is because of the set-up cost and complexity. It’s just too hard to set up and manage, keeping track of which customers want electronic and which still want paper.

Ebilling focuses on customers

More and more, customers nationwide are “opting in” to receiving their statements electronically at record rates. Businesses that offer ebilling services to their customers are seen as more customer oriented, and conscious of customer needs than businesses who are ignoring this trend.

Why Bluegrass Transactional?

Bluegrass Transactional took on the task of creating an ongoing ebilling management system. We have the software and hardware to set-up, manage and deliver all your monthly statements and track how your customers preferred to be reached.

Our systems integrate the traditional methods of billing and statement processing with ebilling, allowing your customers to choose how they hear from you. Ebilling also allows you to give your customer the option of “Going Green” which is very important to some. You can learn more about the whole process here.

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