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Bluegrass Transactional has proudly offered high-value statement processing for our clients for over 40 years. We provide the latest in modern processing such as electronic statement delivery or ebilling. Whether you need printing and processing of statements or management of other important documents, we can optimize a plan to ensure it gets done in a fraction of the time it would doing it in-house.

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With our technology, we process statements at any volume.  This means no set-up for you, yet you gain the benefits. Our top priority is customer service and delivering the highest return on investment (ROI) to our clients. We pride ourselves on one-on-one planning no matter what size company or project you have. We employ best practices to maintain quality control with excellent security to guarantee that your statements get processed and arrive at your customers accurately and on time.

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All Service Line FAQs
Can I pay by credit card?

Yes.  Notify your Project Manager that you wish to do so and a secure credit card payment link will be emailed to you for completion.

Can you pick up my materials?

We have a fleet of vehicles that can pickup or deliver daily within the Central Kentucky, Louisville and Cincinnati areas.

Transactional FAQs
How does Bluegrass work?

Businesses enter their billing information into their ERP system as usual. Instead of printing the information the billing files are sent to us electronically via a secure FTP site. We do the rest: From determining which bills get sent by mail, email or fax to applying our state of the art technology so you can optimize savings.

I can print bills from my software, but I don't like the way they look. Can Bluegrass help?

Yes. Bluegrass can create a completely custom bill design to meet your needs, including special messages, your organization’s custom logos, and charts and graphs (depending on data availability).

How does Bluegrass select bill samples for me to review?

Through our Web based portal you have the ability to view your bills prior to our processing.   You securely login to the portal, select bills you do not want sent and then approve the processing run prior to Bluegrass sending.

How do I get my customers to adopt to electronic bill delivery?

Bluegrass offers an e-Adoption Program to help you convert your customers to electronic delivery solutions like email, fax or web. The program applies best practices developed from working with over 100 customers.  Many of our customers have achieved electronic bill delivery adoption levels of over 25%.

How does pricing typically work for bills sent by mail?

For bills sent by mail you pay based on the number of pages per envelope. The more pages in an envelope the more you save on material and postage. Our advanced technology allows you to set rules that will maximize the number of pages you can include in an envelope without unnecessarily delaying the sending of your bills.

Further, our e-Adoption team will work with you to move your customers from traditional mail to email, fax or web delivery.

How does my company send our bills to Bluegrass for processing?

We offer a secure FTP site that allows you to upload your billing files which are then sent to Bluegrass for processing.  Our technology will identify how the bill is to be delivered (U.S. mail, fax, email, or web) and which of our regional facilities will send the bills going by U.S. Mail.