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All boxes aren’t equal. That’s why you need a pro to buy yours.

The cardboard box celebrates its 200th birthday in two years, but in all that time, it hasn’t changed a whole lot. Yet, as simple as these workhorses of shipping seem, they aren’t all created equal. Unless you have the time to learn the differences, it might be wiser to have your fulfillment professional do the legwork and find the best box for your product.

Here are three good reasons to have a fulfillment company procure your boxes:

1. The right box for the job

If your box is too big, you’ll pay too much in shipping. If it’s not the right kind of box, your product is likely to get damaged. Your fulfillment company knows which boxes are best for which uses.

2. Buying boatloads of boxes

Your fulfillment company buys boxes in much larger volume than you do. So, in most cases, it can get you a cheaper price per box than you could ever negotiate on your own. Volume speaks volumes.

3. The fine art of packing

The right box is just part of the complete package. Packing material is essential to protect your goods. Fulfillment professionals know how to choose and test everything from packing materials to the amount and positioning of packaging tape to reinforce a package.

And, when your box is ready to go…

When your package is ready to ship, it’s also smart to have your fulfillment specialist negotiate shipping rates for you. Because of the volume of shipping they do, fulfillment firms can usually negotiate cheaper shipping rates with all possible carriers. That savings can be passed along to customers like you.


Sharon Vanover

July 27, 2015

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